Twinkle PR is a Public Relations and Corporate Communications agency based in Nairobi. At Twinkle PR, we believe in thorough understanding of the client to create the right strategy to reach the right audience in the most cost-effective way.

We blend Twinkle PR staff talent and a passion for storytelling with the latest public relations tools and tactics to deliver extraordinary results. With roots in Kenya and a client base all over East Africa, we help both established brands and early-stage companies reach their business goals through strategic public relations.

In a constantly shifting digital world, people are bombarded with information and news which travels in seconds. Twinkle PR helps clients navigate ever-changing media, business, and consumer landscapes.

Our mission: To help clients move products, sell services and grow brands through high quality strategic communication programs.

Our vision: To be the best Kenya based strategic communication company expert at delivering values and results that make the world a better place for all races in life.

Motto: Innovative concepts that leave lasting impressions (Maintaining positive brands)

  Courtesy of google


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